Let’s Hash Code with FOSS.lk – Introductory event

“Programming isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you can figure out.”-Anonymous-

Do you want to work on a genuine Google engineering challenge with a group of friends, classmates, or new acquaintances?  This is a qualification round where you can hone your skills and show the world who you are.

What is HashCode?

The Hash Code organized by google is a programming competition that is a great opportunity for tech enthusiasts to get a better understanding of programming and as well as to test their knowledge of programming as a team. All the tech inquisitive students and professionals around the world are invited to pick their teams of two to four members and the programming language which is more convenient to proceed with solutions on time for the optimization problems which are based on real engineering challenges.

Registration for this event is now open at g.co/hashcode and the qualification round of the Hash Code 2022 commences on Thursday, February 24 at 11.00 pm IST and concludes in April by announcing the World Finals. If by any chance you are not having a team, but are still interested and prefer coding, you may still register today and join the Facebook group to meet peers later.

Participants will have access to Google’s Judge System once they have enrolled for the contest. The Judge System is an automated platform that can assemble a team, connect to a hub, practice, and compete in rounds. After Google has live broadcasted the challenge to be solved on YouTube, the contenders will have four hours to tackle the assigned optimization task.

When considering the contestants who are getting involved with the Hash Code, will be able to share their thoughts, skills, experiences and collaborate with peer geeks as they will be working together to figure out a problem prepared based on genuine Google engineering problems. As the Hash Code issues(questions) are designed by Google software engineers and the problems are based on genuine engineering difficulties, participants will be able to improve their engineering abilities, gain experience, and code like professional software engineers. 

What are the benefits you can get 

The teams that will be able to produce the solution and obtain a point will be getting a certificate in their Coding Competitions profiles (Follow Rules – Hash Code) and the Certificates can be used on a resume, shared on social media, and included in job applications. On the other hand, for the teams that progress to attend and participate in the Hash Code Final round, each team member will be rewarded with one of the following cash prizes.

  • 1st Place – $4,000 USD
  • 2nd Place – $2,000 USD
  • 3rd Place – $1,000 USD

And at the same time, as part of their involvement in the Hash Code contest, Google may give away Google-branded items, Google-related products or other goodies at its sole discretion to final round contestants.

What are the other Google’s Coding Competitions

Code Jam and the Kickstart are some of the unique coding competitions which are organized by Google to nourish the students and professionals’ knowledge. The Code Jam can be mentioned as Google’s longest worldwide coding contest, engaging programmers of all levels to put their skills. And the competitors must complete a series of virtual algorithmic challenges to compete for the World finals where they will battle for the championship title. kick start is also a worldwide online coding competition created by Google developers which includes an algorithmic task to be completed in three-hour rounds. The participants will have the opportunity to practice and expand their programming talents.

What you get from FOSS LK and FOSS Hub

Before Hash code begins, once the announcement for the registrations is open, FOSS LK, which was established with a group of tech enthusiasts, will be conducting a session annually to enlighten the members who are interested in coding. As the last year, this year also they have planned to organize a fruitful and descriptive session on 9th of February 2022  to provide a broader understanding of the techniques to be used and the procedure that happens in the Hash Code for those who have not previously participated in the Hash code program and for those who have less knowledge about it. The hosts for this session will be Mr Malindu Attygala who is the former president at Mozilla Campus club SLIIT and Nimna Perera who is the club captain at FOSS Mora. They are ready to give an idea about the Registration process of this competition and the information about FOSS Hub. As well as our developers can get more information about team requirements of the competition, contest structure, judging and scoring, how to attend at the World Finals, about prizes..etc. On the other hand, the participants are able to get a better understanding of Hash Code questions as well as get solutions for your problems that will happen on competition day.

If you do not have a hub, you can register through the FOSS hub and participate in the competition. This event shows you how to do it. The main objective of this awareness session is to earn more competitors in our country to participate in the competition this year than last year. And the other major final throughput that targets at the end of this awareness session is to develop the team working skills and train the team to make the right decisions in a short period of time. As the final step before the Hash Code competition, the Foss LK hub will conduct another program for the day of the competition, to provide the coders with a better understanding of the competition. Stay tuned with FOSS.lk social media channels for more information on this.

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