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Google’s Hash Code is a programming competition that provides a wonderful opportunity for tech enthusiasts to improve their competitive programming skills while also putting their teamwork to the test. Students and professionals from across the world are asked to form teams of two to four people and choose a programming language they prefer that will allow them to solve optimization problems based on real-world engineering constraints.

Let’s Hash Code with FOSS Sri Lanka Workshop was organized with the intention of providing accurate information and proper guidance for anyone interested in learning more about the Hash Code event and willing to participate in this year’s Hash Code event.

The Guest Speaker of this year’s Let’s Hash Code with FOSS Sri Lanka Workshop was Mr. Harshana Weligampola.

Mr. Harshana Weligampola is a staff research assistant at AI4Covid group at the University of Peradeniya, where he works on developing computer simulations and computer vision-related projects. He graduated from the University of Peradeniya in 2020 with a B.Sc. specializing in Computer Engineering.

He was able to conduct the workshop in a very successful manner as he himself is an individual who has a keen interest in competitive programming. In addition to that, everyone who joined the workshop was able to learn awesome coding tips along with effective strategies to build a successful algorithm to solve a given problem in Hash Code. We are more than thankful to Mr. Harshana Weligampola for his valuable contribution to enlighten the session.

The workshop was live streamed through the FOSS Sri Lanka YouTube channel, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page. So in case anyone was unable to attend the live workshop, they still have the chance to watch the recording of it without any issue through our social media.

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Facebook stream

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We would like to thank all the participants for attending this valuable session on behalf of the FOSS Sri Lanka Community.

Stay tuned with our social media to get more updates about the upcoming sessions.



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