FOSSEnterprise, Opening the Door to Open Source

Many thanks to all who attended, especially our speakers.

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An Enterprise perspective on Free & Open Source Software as the better choice

Open Source

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is now a part of everyone’s life. For example, when you browse the Web, 70% all Web servers in the world use the open source Apache Web server, many of them running on the free Linux operating system and often using the free MySQL or PostgreSQL database. Free and open source software permeates every aspect of the software industry and is no longer a niche: it is here to stay and to change the software landscape.

Free and open source software (FOSS) is software that comes with source code and allows you to copy, modify, redistribute and build a business on. Other benefits of FOSS include:

  • Ability to make unlimited number of legal copies
  • Ability to distribute a copy with others
  • Customize the software your self or subcontract it without having to get permission from the author to suit your needs
  • Less dependence on imported technology
  • Universal access through mass software rollout without costly implications
  • Faster responses to critical bugs and security issues
  • More secure and less bugs as a result of source code being examined by thousands of users around the world

FOSS Enterprise ’06 is about how enterprises can take advantage of free and open source software for better productivity, lower costs and legal compliance. Case studies will demonstrate the real world impact of FOSS and the last session will educate the audience on how to put FOSS into action in your enterprise.

Where : Waters Edge
When : 18 August 2006
Price : Rs. 7500.00 only


Session: Opening
9:00-9:15am Opening Address: Prof V.K.Samaranayake
9:15-10:15am Opening the Door to Free & Open Source Software
– Danese Cooper
10:15-10.30pm Discussion with presenters
10:30-11:00am Tea Break
Session: FOSS in Action
11:00am-12:00pm 5 case studies
12:00-12:30pm Discussion with presenters
12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break
Session: Legal Implications of Software Piracy
– Danese Cooper (Moderator)
1:30-2:00pm Understanding Software Licensing
– Russ Nelson
2:00-2:30pm Sri Lankan IP Law & Software Piracy
2:30-3:00pm Discussion with presenters
3:00-3:30pm Tea Break
Session: How do you Implement and Support FOSS?
– Ken Coar (Moderator)
3:30-3:45pm Lessions from Thailand
– James Clark
3:45-4:00pm Evaluating a FOSS Product
– Anuradha Ratnaweera
4:00-4:15pm Securing Your IT Infrastructure with FOSS
– Buddhika Siddhisena
4:15-4:45pm Discussion with presenters
Session: Closing
4:45-5:00pm Closing Address: Prof. Rohan Samarajiva



Featured Speakers


Danese, a board member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) is an outspoken advocate for open-source software. Cooper created and managed the Open Source Programs Office at Sun, chose the Sun Public License for NetBeans software, helped draft the CDDL for OpenSolaris and worked on the creation of the Sun Industry Standards Source License and the Joint Copyright Assignment for




James is the founder of Thai Open Source Software Center. He has contributed to the open source community for nearly 20 years. In the past 15 years, his work has focused on SGML/XML, where he is a renowned pioneer. His company, Thai Open Source Software Center, provides a legal framework for various open source activities in Thailand. Clark also promotes open source in the Software Industry Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Thailand.




Ken Coar is an IBM software engineer by profession, a core developer of the Apache project, and a vice-president and director of The Apache Software Foundation.






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