ApacheCon Asia 2006

The Official Asian Event for Apache Technologies!

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is proud to announce that Sri Lanka has been chosen as the destination for the inaugural ApacheCon Asia 2006.

The first of its kind in Asia, this conference hopes to emulate the succsess of its European and American conterparts, as the premier Apache Conference in Asia.

ApacheCon Asia is the official Asian conference of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). This initial event aims to create a unique platform for the Open Source community in Asia to come together to gain a deep insight into techniques and methodologies critical to the advancement of Open Source technologies, gain skills to optimize the power and versatility of Apache software, and also to discuss upcoming developments and issues.

Sessions, Workshops, Community Gatherings, and Fun

ApacheCon Asia is the classic meeting ground for ASF members, developers and contributors, business folks and power users. Set in an informal, hands-on environment, the event promises to offer an effective forum for exchange of ideas, besides opportunities aplenty to network with peers.

The conference begins with two main conference days that offer a wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions, aimed at both the developer and the user.

ApacheCon Asia offers attendees a choice of two tracks and more than 16 sessions to gain real-world insight into the latest developments of many key Open Source projects managed by ASF, including the Apache HTTP Server – the world’s most popular Web server software. The conference will also feature four world renowned key note speakers.

This will be followed by a day of intensive tutorials in three tracks.

In addition to informative and interesting sessions, the conference will also feature a four day hackathon, several BoFs, round table discussions, parties, and fun!

Join us for a fun filled four days!

For more information, visit official site.

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