Can we really use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a single device?

These days everyone is talking about how to use two WhatsApp accounts in a single device and how to report if someone publicly publishes/shares an audio file on the internet or through social media following an incident that happened recently. The intention of this blog post is to talk about the technical aspect regarding the relevant incident.

Dual WhatsApp icon on Android device

Initially, WhatsApp was mainly used to connect and communicate among friends and family, but with the introduction of the WhatsApp business feature and its user-friendliness, WhatsApp has come a long way. And almost every individual, to an organization, uses WhatsApp. Also, the current global effect due to COVID-19 has made a huge effect on the number of WhatsApp users.

So, with the app cloning feature users tend to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously with different intentions from reliability to other personal interests. For example, users may find it easy to use separate accounts for their office/work and private use.

Now let’s find out how to create two WhatsApp accounts in the same device. Some users may find it really easy as some phone brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo and Huawei etc., have provided the user with a dedicated feature to clone apps. And the others can use third-party cloning apps. But in order to clone WhatsApp accounts, you must have two contact numbers, as you cannot create two simultaneous accounts using the same contact number.

So, as I have mentioned earlier, there are two ways of cloning,

1.       The manufacturer has already provided it as a feature

2.       By using a third-party app

Let us see how to access the app cloning feature the manufacturer has provided (Product Varied)

Step 01

Download and install WhatsApp using the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 02

After the installation is completed, open WhatsApp, enter your contact number to register/login, enter the 6-digit OTP (One Time Passcode) sent to you by a text message or a phone call. Following that, you can enter a display name and a picture. If you’re a new user you will be redirected to your inbox, but if you’re logging in and you had a previous cloud backup for the account you have signed in, it will prompt you to restore the backup (or you can skip this step, but it will delete your cloud backup). Once the restore is complete, you will be redirected to your inbox.

Step 03

Go to phone settings, and search for Dual App/Twin App/Clone App (Product Varied)

Step 04

Once you click that option, you can find a list of apps that can be clones, find WhatsApp and click install.

Step 05

Once the installation is over, open the cloned app and setup your WhatsApp account (refer step 02 for the setup procedure following another contact number.)

Step 06

Now you can use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously in your device.

Now let’s see how to use a third-party cloning app

Some devices may not have the option to clone apps. Hopefully there are plenty of third-party apps that will allow you to clone apps. Download a cloning app from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store and follow the above steps. Now you will be able to run two simultaneous apps on your device!

A sensitive audio file of yours is going viral?

With the recent incident, I think people should be aware of what they can do if any sensitive data of them is being shared over social media or the internet. It can be an audio file, a video file, etc.

Did you know that there are authorities that will investigate and take actions for these kinds of incidents?


In Sri Lanka, there are two authorities that you can look towards to, the Sri Lanka CERT|CC and the Sri Lanka Police. You can report your incidents to the Sri Lanka CERT|CC by sending them an email to [email protected] and to the Sri Lanka Police by visiting the following link

I would like to end this post on a small personal note,

In this developing world, hundreds and thousands of apps are being created day by day to make our lives easy, and WhatsApp is just one. It is our duty and responsibility to think twice before sharing anything among others if that can data be misused. And as humans, we should always respect other peoples’ privacy and try not to misuse the technology we have got.

Because someday we too can be victims. Also, if by any mean a person is getting harassed there are rules and regulations that actions can be taken. And always remember that we are leaving digital footprints and that they can be tracked. I would like to once again acknowledge the reader to think twice before doing anything, especially in the digital world!



I am a Computer Security undergraduate at University of Plymouth.

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