Software Freedom Day 2018

Software Freedom Day is the world wide well famous celebration which is held in 28th of August in each and every year since 2004.Main purpose of celebrating such a day is educate and encourage the people on behalf of free and opensource software. Therefore this time FOSS community of Sri Lanka organized software freedom day with the support of Lanka Software Foundation on last 22nd of September at SLIIT auditorium.

Flow of the SFD 2018

Dr.Sanjeewa Weerawarana

After the oil lamp event was begun around 1.30pm. Keynote was done by dr.Sanjeewa Weerawarana who is the chairman of Lanka Software Foundation and former Chief Architect of WSO2.








Mr.Tharindu Madushanka


Then after Mr.Tharindu Madushanka from Lanka Software Foundation Address the gathering and I am pretty sure audience able to earned more knowledge about the importance of free and open source software.







Mr.Andun Sameera
Mr.Amila Ereeshika










Then the time was allocated for Entertainment session by SLIIT.After that Mr.Andun Sameera delivered a speech and next Amila Ereeshika described about FOSS revamping and future plans of FOSS to the gathering.

Mr.Rasika Nanayakkara

After another entertainment session by SLIIT, Mr.Rasika Nanayakkara address the gathering.Then after audience were lucky to hear the voice of Mr.Anuradha Rathnaweera.Actually all the participants interactively joined with that session.





Mr.Anuradha Rathnaweera
Adeesha from FTT

Most interesting and inspiring moment of SFD 2018.yes that was FTT.Adeesha from FTT delivered his story to the gathering and I believe it was able to inspire the whole audience.







Dr.Chandana Gamage

After that Dr.Chandana Gamage spoke to the audience and it was the last session of the day.








Mr.Ruwan Ranganath

Finally Mr.Ruwan Ranganath delivered vote of thank and then all the participants were able to be the part of amazing group photo of SFD2018.

Our partners of SFD18

Behind the success of SFD18 there were huge crowd! we must mention and thank for our sponsors as well as other partners.If they were not in this match obviously we were not success in this level. Apigate was the Platinum Sponsor while WSO2 was Gold Sponsor and Emovyz and Sysco LABS Sri Lanka was Co-Sponsors.There support for the SFD18 means lot for us.

Here is a brief introduction about our sponsors


Apigate, a subsidiary of Axiata Digital and itself part of regional powerhouse, the Axiata Group, has an established track record in the API platform business. Having begun life as MIFE (Mobile Internet Fulfilment Exchange) in 2014, Apigate has grown from strength-to-strength.Last year, Apigate served 3.1 billion users and connected more than 100+ MNOs, and over 200 merchants. Apigate has over 100 employees and has offices in four continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. And it counts amongst its clients some of the most renowned customers in today’s Internet marketplace.



Founded in 2005, WSO2 is the world’s #1 open source integration vendor, helping digitally driven organizations become integration agile. Brand-name customers choose us for our broad, integrated platform, approach to open source, and agile transformation methodology. The company’s hybrid platform to develop, reuse, run and manage integrations prevents lock-in through open source running on-premises or in the cloud. With offices in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, UK and US, WSO2 employs over 500 engineers, consultants and professionals worldwide. Today, 100’s of leading brands and 1,000’s of global projects execute over 5 trillion transactions annually using WSO2 integration technologies.


Emovyz’ is a platform that leverages the power of emoji’s and transforms engagement with a simple touch. The solution uses an emotional survey mechanism to create the foundation to understand the voice of the customer, the voice of employee and voice of audience target segments. With this foundation in place, the solution translates into a software-based, emotion sensor platform focusing on capturing emotions of customers, employees and audience,​ at any given ​time ​and ​place.Emovyz is powered by Emojot Inc.


Sysco Labs

Sysco LABS is a testament to technology disrupting and re-imagining industries. They’re a team that believes in the power that technology has to change the world, driven by a desire to build products that revolutionize the customer experience across the entire food service industry.



Other than that GGSLK,GGSLK MEDIA,Tech Seekers,Tech katha,Android Wadakarayo and Sustainable Education Foundation were community partners of the event.

Here is a brief introduction about our community partners


Global Geek Sustainable Learning Kingdom is a non profit technological organization that shares latest technologies and open source technologies among the tech enthusiasts .Main point of GGSLK is empowering the technology education of Sri lanka as well as boosting innovation capacity of young generation.




GGSLK Media is a part of GGSLK. Main purpose of GGSLK Media is Cover all the IT events and broadcast live through their Facebook page with the aim of sharing knowledge who were unable to attend events.Other than GGSLK media engage in the field of T shirt printing,Sticker printing,photography,cinematography and Event Organizing of all the IT events who request their partnership.


Tech Seekers

The main intention of this community is to share the technological knowledge of yours among others.You can share your own blog posts, events that you have organized, victories that you obtained and by them others can be aware of them and they can have a link with you.That is the main objective of Tech Seekers



Tech Katha

Tech katha is a podcast website which act as blog radio for youth which explain about day today problems which arise regarding the technical stuffs.By listening to Tech katha you will be able to gather more IT related knowledge in understandable manner.



Android Wadakarayo

Android Wadakarayo is a community which always stands for assist all the android related stuffs.They were awarded as the best blogger of the year in Google IO extended 2018.



Sustainable Education Foundation

Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) is a volunteer driven organisation. SEF was founded with the short term goal of making the Sri Lankan education system the most effective and the most dynamic education system in the world.



Actually the support of them in case of marketing and all other stuffs were really appreciable. And also the most special thing which happened with this year SFD was the FOSS enthusiasts who were unable to be on the audience on that day were able to watch the whole event live through the GGSLK Media.If you still missed the event follow this link to watch the recording.

And also well famous photographer unit, haththilawwe was the official photographer of the event and we must express our heart filled gratitude with them and all other photographers and cinematographers who covered the event.


Haththilawwe is well famous unit among techies.It is a startup which started small and then developed step by step as they are right now.Currently they engage in field of photography,developing and digital marketing.

What participants gathered at the end of the day!

Other than the immense knowledge on FOSS all the participants got a chance to gather much more swags like stickers,t-shirts etc.At the end of the event all were treated by snack pack as well.

According to the feedback of our guests and participant we are so glad to mention that the results of hard works of all our volunteers were pay off!


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